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kinda kanal

By verhoef 2014.07.23 in Uncategorized


After a suggestion on utsidan i took a trip on the kinda kanal

IMG_2029 IMG_2032 IMG_2033 IMG_2038 IMG_2043 IMG_2050 IMG_2052 IMG_2059 IMG_2069 IMG_2082 IMG_2090 IMG_2093 IMG_1985 IMG_1988 IMG_2025


By verhoef 2014.05.24 in Uncategorized

forecast is thunderstorms but that never held me back before.
so let’s practice for the next holliday. took a bit of everything from the fridge and setteled in the backyard




diving …. searching for common cuttlefis

By verhoef 2014.05.20 in Uncategorized

search for common cuttlefish
at the “zeelandbrug” in zierikzee, the netherlands


and six guys diving, you bet there are dead animals there as well

although not a basic way to prepare the meal

Dutch oven pizza

By verhoef 2013.06.10 in Uncategorized

      IMG_0378 Not lightweight traveling, but…. a dutch oven gets you a damn good out-door-pizza. Base For the base there are three options you can use: 1) Ready to use breadmix (in the netherlands : broodmix from koopmans) 2) Self-raising flour 3) your own mix (Flour, yeast, salt, sugar) Topping Just like at home, use anything you like. In this case we used: * Mashed tomato * Unions * Garlic (of cource) * Small tin-can mixed vegetables * Salami sausage cut in dices * Diced pineapple * Grated cheese Make the dough, spread out in the dutch oven. Mix the mashed tomatoes, unions, garlic and vegetables. Spread out over the dough. Cover with salami and pineapple and finally the grated cheese. Depending the size of the DO i used 3 coals at the bottom and eight on top.flagcounter

Dutch oven

By verhoef 2013.06.07 in Uncategorized

Preparing dinner


Firesteel (2)

By verhoef 2013.05.05 in Uncategorized

As Johan suggested, I’ve started with some birch scrapings
2013-05-05 10.16.29
Ready to go ….
2013-05-05 10.21.00
Three stikes and ….
2013-05-05 10.21.47
So, not just dryer lint anymore 😉
Took it a step further to pine scrapings, but did nog get it going (yet?).
I’ll keep trying, there must be more tinder in nature than birch.

First scubadive this year

By verhoef 2013.05.03 in Uncategorized

The water was still cold and most fauna where still hidden.
But, an eel presented itself, as did a beautiful sunset



Fire steel

By verhoef 2013.05.01 in Uncategorized


Still trying to get it right. Tried hay from out horses, saw chips from my chainsaw  🙁
Dryer lint goes real easy as does gas. but everything else is still a challenge


By verhoef 2013.03.28 in Uncategorized

Feels cold due to strong winds
Time for hot drink


Last days of the dutch winter ?

By verhoef 2013.03.11 in Uncategorized




last days of winter 2 last days of winter 1

Running out in the snow with only a couple of surprised sheep