Firesteel (2)

By verhoef on 2013.05.05 In Uncategorized

As Johan suggested, I’ve started with some birch scrapings
2013-05-05 10.16.29
Ready to go ….
2013-05-05 10.21.00
Three stikes and ….
2013-05-05 10.21.47
So, not just dryer lint anymore 😉
Took it a step further to pine scrapings, but did nog get it going (yet?).
I’ll keep trying, there must be more tinder in nature than birch.
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  1. You can also try: Grass, Old mans beard, Heads of the cattail and many others. Every season has its plants just make that can be used. Or just make really good feathersticks =)

  2. Pedro wrote:

    crushed pine resin, eucalyptus and cedar bark, allmost anything that produces thin fibres and is dry.
    feathersticks are trycky, but you can make shavings thin as paper with little effort.

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